In a few easy steps you can join R8D FIT and start your fitness journey, and here's how:

Let's get you started with a BEGINNERS CLASS.

Our Beginners class is designed to provide people of all fitness levels the understanding of the fundamental movements which we use in our classes. Eg. Squat, Deadlift, Strict press etc.


This is the best way to start your journey and it includes one week free membership so you can decide if R8D FIT is for you. There is no obligation nor commitment to an on-going membership at the end of the week.


We encourage everyone to complete this program before progressing to the daily classes.

Once completed you will have the confidence, skills and technique to excel in your training.

What's Included?


A one-on-one 60 minute session with a qualified coach who will focus on the fundamental as well as the unique movements that make up our daily classes. In this hour, we will take a back to basics approach as well as focus on new concepts and quality of movement. The goal of this session to ensure you have sound knowledge and a solid foundation to continue your fitness journey with R8DFIT and beyond.


You will have a small, short workout at the end of the session.


Cost : R550 

One-on-One session and a free week membership thereafter.


Please fill in the form below to book your beginners class. Please note, beginners classes can only be booked outside of class times which you can have a look at below.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.